The Laravel Podcast
Season 3 laravel podcast

The Laravel Podcast brings you Laravel and PHP development news and discussion. Season 3 consists of interviews conducted by Matt Stauffer; previous seasons featured Taylor Otwell and Jeffrey Way as regular cohosts.

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    Season 3 Teaser

    Introducing season 3: an interview season

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    Episode 53: Bigger & Better

    In this episode, the crew talks about enterprise applications, scalability, and productivity.

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    Episode 52: Doug Pro

    In this episode, the crew talks about Mix, Dusk, Laracon US, package development using TestBench, GitLab, and more.

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    Episode 51: Dusky Christmas

    In this episode, the crew discusses Laravel Mix, Markdown mailables, Laravel Dusk, Laravel 5.4, and more.

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    Episode 50: Turkey Day Touch Bar

    In this episode, the crew discusses new Apple announcements, the Laracast redesign and improvements, Forge, Laravel 5.3 and 5.4 changes, and more.

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