The Laravel Podcast

The Laravel Podcast

The Laravel Podcast brings you Laravel and PHP development news and discussion. The podcast is hosted by Matt Stauffer and regular guests include Taylor Otwell (the creator of Laravel) and Jeffrey Way (the creator of Laracasts).

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    Episode 52: Doug Pro

    In this episode, the crew talks about Mix, Dusk, Laracon US, package development using TestBench, GitLab, and more.

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    Episode 51: Dusky Christmas

    In this episode, the crew discusses Laravel Mix, Markdown mailables, Laravel Dusk, Laravel 5.4, and more.

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    Episode 50: Turkey Day Touch Bar

    In this episode, the crew discusses new Apple announcements, the Laracast redesign and improvements, Forge, Laravel 5.3 and 5.4 changes, and more.

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    Episode 49: Big Ball Of Yarn

    In this episode, the crew discusses PHP 7.1, Laravel Forge, Yarn, Validator improvements, and more.

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    Episode 48: Bing Bong Loves dd()

    In this episode, the crew discusses Laracon US & EU, Laravel 5.3, Laravel's first hire, and the heart-wrenching sense of loss created by Bing Bong's death.

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    Episode 47: Musical Routes

    The crew talks about where the routes file lives, some tantalizing hints of big new 5.3 features, Jeffrey's plan for two hours two times, and Taylor's love for DHH.

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    Episode 45: Free Parking

    In this episode, the crew discusses the releases of Valet and Echo, Laracon US 2016, Laravel 5.3, and their favorite nut.

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    Episode 41: Powerslides & Sparks

    In this episode, the crew discusses multiple authentication drivers, Laracon, PJAX, Spark, and Mario Kart rage.

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    Episode 40: Will Smith Hates Vim

    In this episode, the crew discusses Linode down time, server migrations, editors, Will Smith, and Mario Kart. Most importantly, Jeffrey & Taylor finally disagree.

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    Episode 38: RepositoryBeanFactory

    In this episode, the crew talks about architecture, over-architecting, helper functions, facades, crystal ball coding, code preppers, and more!

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    Episode 37: I Love The Things You Are Saying

    In this episode, the crew discusses front-end tools like Vue, React, and Angular. Matt then discusses scheduled introspection to combat over-joyous Florida climate while Taylor yearns to live in a desert.

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    Episode 36: Dev School

    In this episode, the crew talks about the challenges of learning to be a developer, developer bootcamps, advice to their former selves, and even their favorite clothes.

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    Episode 35: Laravel Love Affairs

    In this episode, the crew discusses Laracon 2016, new framework features, preferred messaging applications, and Jack McDade possibly cheating on Taylor with Jeffrey.

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    Episode 34: Jobs & Jawas

    In this episode, Matt and Taylor are joined by Ian Landsman of UserScape. Ian is the founder of UserScape, the creator of HelpSpot, and the man behind LaraJobs. The crew discusses hiring, being a good job candidate, and most importantly: Star Wars.

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    Episode 33: Post Laracon & Vices

    In this episode, the team recaps Laracon, discusses a few of Matt's side projects, and details their juiciest vices.

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    Episode 21 - Commands, Pipelines and Packages

    Laravel 5 is getting closer to beta and we discuss some upcoming changes as well as get into a discussion about when to use certain features of the framework and when they might be overkill.

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    Episode 20 - The War on CRUD

    We talk about configuration and queue updates, architecture and CRUD apps, clients and code quality, business and app development, and a lot more.

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    Episode 19 - Live Q&A

    This is the audio portion of our first live recorded video podcast. We took live question and answer and discussed Laravel 5 release scheduling, ORM origin story, Laravel internals, Angular/Angular 2, and more!

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    Episode 17 - Laravel 4.3.. I mean.. Laravel 5!

    In this episode, we discuss Laravel 5, the No Capes initiative, Laravel Liferaft, PHP's position in the industry and its culture, continuous education, a company's ethical responsibility to their employees, and much more.

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    Episode 12 - PHP isn't Java?

    Everyone on the show is presenting at Laracon NYC. for beautiful presentations What do people most misunderstand about Laravel? PHP is not Java? PHPStorm. It's good. So is Jetbrains. Here's a theme that makes it better(tm). Taylor's Conspiracy Theories Twitter, it's not just for sharing your lunch. Open-Source.. Does it make sense? Database Backup Package Flysystem The Economics of Open-Source. Laracon EU and SURVEY SAYS. Vaprobash.'s next version.

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    Episode 11 - A/B Testing and Niel Patrick Harris

    Is this episode the cast discusses Laracon NYC, Laracon EU, the Laravel package Dispatcher, Hack, DDD, A/B Testing, the next version of Laravel.IO, Niel Patrick Harris, and PHPStorm for Sublime Text users. Hosted by Shawn McCool. Edited by Mitchell van Wijngaarden.

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    Episode 8 - LaraEverything

    Taylor Otwell and Jeffrey Way join us and talk about what they've been working on. We discuss Laracasts and Laravel 4.1 including some focus on the Laravel documentation. Taylor also gives some information about LaraconUS.

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    Episode 7 - CQRS, What is it even?

    In this episode we discuss CQRS, how everyone loves Windows 8, building GUI apps with PHP, organizing a conference in 2014 and a bunch of other stuff.

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    Episode 6 - Talking Business

    In this episode we talk with Dan Syme, creator of Cartalyst, and Ian Landsman, creator of UserScape about business and the open-source world.

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    Episode 4 - War Stories

    In this episode Shawn McCool, Taylor Otwell, and Matthew Machuga discuss the upcoming Laravel conference in Amsterdam, code-base complexity and they share war stories.

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    Episode 3 - Packages

    In this episode, Laravel author Taylor Otwell discusses packages with his teammate / backbone-ninja Eric Barnes and Laravel community contributor, Ryan Tablada.

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    Episode 1 - Hello World

    In this first episode we're joined by Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel to discuss Laravel 4, and Shawn McCool to discuss Laracon EU taking place in August, 2013. Enjoy!

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